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Claim your FREE tickets to Talley concert!

While I am fairly new to the ministry, The Talleys have been singing for several decades. At the end of 2020, Roger & Debra Talley will retire, so this will be one of their very last concerts together as a group (their daughter, Lauren, will continue a solo ministry career). This concert is free, but a love offering will be taken. Funds that are given are promised to help support our ministry expenses and Roger & Debra Talley when they officially retire.

Due to the unfortunate current events, I am asking that you let me know if you’d like to come so I can roughly track the number of people who will be attending the concert. You can claim a FREE ticket to the concert by using the contact information at the bottom of this letter.

This concert is sure to lift your spirits, bless your hearts, and encourage you this Christmas season. Please invite your family and friends. I hope to see you there!

When: Dec. 12, 2020 | 6pm Location: Mercerville Baptist Church 117 Burlington Rd, Crown City, OH

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